Compliment from Colorado

The town drunk and Sgt. Crusty squarin' off on Mane Street.

It’s always nice to hear a visitor give a compliment regarding our shows or performers.

Recently, there was a company from Colorado looking for a western reenactment group.  What made this one special was that their comment was that it was very difficult for them to locate a local reenactment group with the “caliber” of Gunfighters for Hire.

We pride ourselves with the experience and quality of the shows that we perform for visitors from around the world.  We hear from our visitors that when they see other local groups, including Snidely Whiplash style, that Gunfighters for Hire beats them, hands down.  Thank you to those that have seen our shows and appreciate the time and effort that we put into each show.  Your kind donations have helped us help other needy organizations.