Major change in schedule for Gunfighters

Pioneertown set, circa 2014


Gunfighters for Hire has been performing on Sundays for many years, April through October. On a number of occasions, the gunfighters were asked, “why”.  A major change is about to occur, and time has come to address that question.

Gunfighters for Hire administration has determined that effective immediately, the schedule will now be adjusted and performances will occur on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from October through May, weather/holidays permitting.  The summer schedule, April through October, is hereby canceled.

Gunfighters for Hire is the only registered non-profit organization to perform on Mane Street, and the oldest western reenactment group performing in Pioneertown, with a number of members that are retired law enforcement officers. Gunfighters for Hire use real firearms, that are period correct, and perform free shows in order to raise donations to help other needy organizations.

At this time, a tentative start date for the winter schedule will be on October 7, 2017. This winter schedule should be more accommodating to our visitors with better temperatures. Visit or visit our Facebook page for more information.