Health Tip

Recently one of our members went in for a doctor visit.  During that visit he mentioned that his mouth had been dry for the past 6 months, due to the blood pressure medication he was taking.  The doctor apparently looked at him and said “no”, that the medication was a beta blocker, not a diuretic.  A glucose test was done in the office and it was discovered it was at 413. Insulin was given and medications prescribed. A week later, the blood glucose was 90 before breakfast.

The point here is to be sure and know the medications that you are taking and what side effects may occur. Our member had been taking a diuretic but the medication had been changed thus giving the impression that he was still taking a diuretic.  Fortunately it was for only a short time and the recovery time short as well.  Be sure you know the signs and symptoms of diabetes.  For more info, go to

One good resource to check medications is  This web site can also check for medication contraindications, which is invaluable to make sure your medications are not causing other unintended medical problems.  It is free and a report can be printed to give to your doctor or for your records.